Falconry Heritage in the UK

This year The International Centre for Birds of Prey plans on going charitable, a part of its mission statement reads:

To preserve the long standing heritage and history of British and Worldwide falconry

To this end we plan on started The Phillip Glasier Falconry Museum, the plans and ideas for this we will tell you all at the Falconry Weekend. We feel that this Centre is as much if not more the home of modern falconry, but with a three generation background and a set of great ethics, it has a long history in falconry with Captain Knight teaching his nephew Philip Glasier and in turn Philip Glasier teaching his daughter, Jemima Parry-Jones.

We suspect that many of the people who come to the weekend will indeed have known Philip Glasier and may have had the luck to be taught by him. In the long run we hope that the house you see in the back ground of the Centre will be a part of the Falconry Museum.


We have already had some wonderful offers from people who are interested in helping. It is not going to happen over night, but it will happen, and once the Centre is a charity it will become a great deal easier we hope. So if you are interested in helping, come up to either Bob Dalton, Mark Parker or Jemima at the Weekend and register your interest.